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user1478639495 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:05:34

Has anyone on here been a whistleblower? I am so sick of seeing wrong doing, on a big scale in my opinion, at work.... I really want to report it. I have no idea how or wether to or not, I’ve been thinking about it for a while but it’s the usual things that have so far stopped me, the fear of being found out it was me and losing my job, I really cannot afford to loose my job, if I was found out and couldn’t loose my job but life was made unbearable, the absolute nightmare it would cause at work due to investigations, the people this involves and their families, children are involved they’d be much better off else where so it would be good in the long run but awful at the time. I cannot give details of this as it’s nhs related but it’s very very wrong and all the duty of care that is meant to be in place seems to not be happening for some reason and I cannot understand why.

I’ve looked at whistleblowing quickly on gov website but it says about wow I g your name etc which I don’t want to, I really do not want anything traced back to myself, I could not do anything and be as bad as those not doing their job properly but I can’t as that would make me as bad as them.

Anyone been in a similar situation before??

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nuttymomma Mon 27-Apr-20 15:39:45

Go through your union or join one asap if you are not in one. You shouldn't need to give your name but you have legal protection anyway.

I was a whistleblower and got badly victimised. Still employed but life is difficult. I also experienced discrimination and bullying.

Stuck in a job I really hate now.

user1478639495 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:55:24

Thank you for your reply, oh bless you, I feel for you, it's so tough when you see wrong doing or want to stand up for yourself and you get treated like that, in my experience it never goes well, I've had experiences like you time and time again so now I keep my mouth shut, but when children are affected I can't, I won't have a clear conscience, I have to at least try and help, like I said I fear the impact it will have on them but then the bigger picture, I hope they get protected and brought up better.

These people should be receiving a duty of care and they are not, everyone's at fault but it seems that all the services put in place to protect and care is failing miserably, I'm not even confident me reporting the situation will change anything if I'm honest, but I have to try.

I really feel for you, well done for trying to put something right, I really hope you can find a better job as soon as possible and get somewhere you'll be appreciated. I do believe in karma, so your time will come. Beat of luck to you, stay strong and well done again for being a fighter 💪

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user1478639495 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:56:14

Ps I've heard about the union and how good they are but don't know anything about them apart from that so very little, I will have a google and see about joining one. Thanks again for your advice xx

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nuttymomma Mon 27-Apr-20 21:13:40

You're welcome. Its because of the union I'm still employed and changes will (apparently) be made. But I'm very hated and I've ruined all prospect of progression really. Trapped in this job due to Covid 19 and also because its very well paid.

I believe in karma too, and I've seen people get what they deserved albeit it took about 10 years. I'm not very patient but karma does come.

user1478639495 Tue 28-Apr-20 18:12:51

Yep your right there karma does seem to take forever to come around, by that point your past it 🙈 but it always does eventually.

I can certainly see how it's made your life hell for standing up for something that was wrong but well done to my oh again, ppl who stand up for what is wrong always seem to come off worse, weird.

I had a look at unions, what a mind field, I sound naive but when I hear ppl say the union I assumed it was just one big organization 🙈

When I do it I need it to be totally anonymous and nothing to be tracked back to me as for your reasons and I cannot loose my job and they'd make that happen one way or another.

I've been looking into whistle blowing and as it's nhs it looks very dim, all the cases I've read the whistleblower ends being bullied fired or forced to leave they don't get much help or protection leaving a lot of wrong doing still happening, doesn't seem much has changed so that's really put me off, I still want to report what's going on but still thinking about how I go about it all being totally anonymous and making sure not one thing can come back on me. So difficult, would be easier if I could leave and get a new job then report it but that's not going to be happening any time soon.

So rubbish in this day and age you still can't speak up when you see wrong doings.

May I ask, did you do yours anonymously and got found out or were you honest and upfront? May I also ask wether yours was related to staff or an outside issue? Sorry pls don't answer any of those questions if you don't wish to, I don't mean to push my luck just I can't speak to anyone about this and can't weigh up the risks or what may happen very well.

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cabbageking Wed 29-Apr-20 17:59:38

It depends on your work as to the scope of your whistle blowing policy and whether these are illegal breaches or in the public interest or issues you need to raise internally.

Is there no one you can discuss the situation with as a hypothetical issue to find out who you would report to first? You may find out others have reported it or it is even under review?

user1478639495 Wed 29-Apr-20 19:14:35

I know at least two others who are at a high level have challenged this issue and one really stood their ground, but as always, it was made very clear to them that they will be doing as they are told and after a very long stand off this person also had to go ahead and do this wrong thing.

Everyone at work knows what is going on, makes jokes about it even, I think because they think what can we do? Let's just simplify it and pretend it's not real? I don't know, but when I see these two very high up people have had the door close on them, someone like me, bottom of the pecking order quite literally, I'll just be removed and nothing will come of it, that would be my fate, so I'd rather not even think of mentioning anything of the sort as I know I'd out fast.

I don't know how these ppl sleep at night knowing that they are making this problem worse by not doing their job and helping. Makes me so angry.

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nuttymomma Fri 01-May-20 12:49:14

I didn't do it anonymously

I complained about both staff and suppliers

I am now being told that I'm being moved to another region rather than the issue being addressed!

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