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When did you find your career? Change career? Etc...

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user59 Sun 26-Apr-20 00:51:51

Would love to know all of your experience and stories on when you found your perfect job, changed career, retrained, the age you did it and why if you would like to share, or any stories related and similar smile
Personally I'm in my mid 20s, been to uni and got a job in an area based on my degree (that I found by coincidence, not necessarily because of my qualifications). I enjoy the work, am comfortable and holidays and work time is really flexible. However, money isn't great and environment isn't ideal and no opportunity to progress. Basically I'm comfortable but I dread being there for 20 more years like a lot of the people I work with due to comfort.
I've considered a change in career, going back to college, courses etc, looking for more jobs based on my degree however I don't feel very capable and confident in working elsewhere in that area due to lack of knowledge and training.
What's your stories? smilesmilesmile

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pancakes22 Tue 28-Apr-20 21:54:24

34 and still not found what I'm 'meant' to be doing. Was comfortable as you have described and then got married, had kids etc and retraining in something just seems a lot harder when you also have to consider childcare arrangements and ability to study around the kids demands. If you are tempted to leave then do so now as it's so easy for 10 years to plod by in the same job that you are not bothered by

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