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Indecisivexoxo Fri 17-Apr-20 20:42:54

I am looking for some advice and primary school teacher’s experiences/thoughts of their job (especially regarding work life balance and working hours)...
I graduated with a First in Applied Psychology in September 2019. I have thought about pursuing a career as a primary teacher for many years. I got a job as a TA this year to get some experience (although am obviously not in school atm due to Covid 19). What draws me to this career and what I have enjoyed being in school is making relationships with the children, feeling valued, how every day is different etc.
However, I can’t ignore all of the negative press surrounding work life balance. It makes me feel very nervous of going down this route - I am the type of person who doesn’t cope well with stress, I need time for myself. Is it unrealistic to think I could work 8am-6pm Monday-Friday (I would also do some work in the holidays)? I am quite a perfectionist and don’t feel comfortable doing a bad job. I also tend to take a long time doing things because of this.
I am 22 and live at home with my parents so feel this year (as of September) would be the best time to do the PGCE before I move out, have more commitments, bills etc.
I have considered other options - a careers advisor suggested I might get the same satisfaction from a public/charity sector job (because of my skills/values), I think this could be true. But, teaching always pops back up in my mind.
Apologies for the lengthy post and thank you in advance!!

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BackforGood Fri 17-Apr-20 21:03:34

I'd have thought if you've been working as a TA for two terms, you'd have had lots of chance to see what it is really like. A great way of getting a clear picture. smile

It does depend on the school, a lot.

I think the fact you say you don't cope well with stress is a bit concerning, as is the fact you say you are a perfectionist.

There is stress (as there is in many jobs of course).
There isn't usually time to be a perfectionist.

I do remember working with somebody once who stayed in school until 6 and then said that was it - she was one on her own though.

I've also worked in a school where you aren't allowed to stay after 5.30.

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