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HUGS65 Sun 05-Apr-20 19:31:23

I have had a manager who has never been easy to approach it all came to a head and she accused me of being agressive. Hence an investigation commenced but the biggest surprise is a colleague who i have always got on with has written that she cant work with me and if i come back she will need support. I liked this person and even picked her up when we had work nights out. We always used to share txtts. I just dont get it...why. extremely hurt by this. Any thoughts

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EmAndes Sun 05-Apr-20 19:33:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RandomMess Sun 05-Apr-20 19:38:27

One of my colleagues thinks she is supportive and understanding when actually she is very superior, judgemental and has very much insulted or hurt me on occasions.

She has the hide of a rhino.

I have people say I am full of confidence and don't give a shit what other people think of me - opposite of the truth!

We don't all come across like we think we do.

BilboBercow Sun 05-Apr-20 19:54:59

Have you been given examples of you being aggressive?

HUGS65 Mon 06-Apr-20 12:12:28

Hi have you thought to tell her because if she is anything like me she would want to know so she can adapt her behaviour

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WeAllHaveWings Mon 06-Apr-20 12:26:37

They must have given examples surely?

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