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Being asked to take a 20% pay cut with not time limit

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bmachine Wed 01-Apr-20 15:47:14


Company have asked if we can take a 20% paycut

I have accepted that i probably need to a agree to the paycut to help ensure the survivial of my company over this period

But this paycut is open ended as they 'dont know how long this will go on for'

Can anyone advise if i should caveat my acceptance of the paycut with a time limit for review at least?

Bit stuck as i dont want to appear obtuse but long is a pice of string

Note i have already rejected a request to have 20% taken from my march payslip as they were requesting as i argued it was too short notice to make already have not towed the line in this respect


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Whathewhatnow Wed 01-Apr-20 15:49:29

How does this work with the furloughed workers scheme?? I'd check that what the company are proposing is compliant and not going to knackered your pension or NI contri utions... or something.

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