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Changing careers

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StrugglingNurse Wed 01-Apr-20 02:47:45

Hi all,

I'm up at this time researching possible career options for when life hopefully gets back to normal.

Nursing is all I've ever known. I went straight into nursing from school and qualified when I was 21. I turn 30 this year and I just can't do it anymore.. (FYI this isn't a knee-jerk reaction to the current pandemic. My mental health has suffered a lot over the years and I've had to be signed off with work related stress and anxiety). I guess my anxiety has been exacerbated by the current situation where I'm having to go into work every day and put myself & my family at risk because despite what Boris, Hancock, Gove et al would have you believe, we do not all have access to adequate PPE.

I love nursing and I care for every single one of my patients so so much but there's only so much I can give and I'm running on empty now. Which brings me to the point of my thread. I am looking to jump ship in the near future but I have absolutely no idea what or where I can go with my experience/qualifications. I have a BSc in Nursing and a masters in healthcare management (but no official management experience).

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Namenic Wed 01-Apr-20 03:32:44

Have a look on jobs boards like indeed in your area - or other areas if you feel relocating is ok. I was looking and planning and hobby coding (lots of support from DH - as he does it professionally) for about 3 years before I found an unusual opportunity (non-computer-science-grad software role). There might be things like travel clinics (when corona improves), school/community nursing, research nursing, pharma, clinical trials. Good luck!

StrugglingNurse Wed 01-Apr-20 11:14:36

Hi Namenic, thanks for your reply. I dont have the first clue what I'd put in the search box for job sites tbh. I guess nursing is all I've ever known so that's where I'm stuck. Hmm think I'm going to have to start by jotting down my interests/transferable skills and see where that takes me

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