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Need advice please :)

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Stacey235x Sun 29-Mar-20 16:15:17

Hey I'm a newbie here but I'm currently having a work issue at the min and wanting advice on what to do ... ok here goes ...
I'm classed as a key worker in my job and I was off all last week due to isolating as both my little ones (age6&9) had a cough and temp I'm due back weds ..anyway on Friday my boss rang me to say that as a sales business we are low so do I want to take 'furlough' for 2 months with the 80% wage paid ... I went away and thought about it (discussing bills and money) .. anyway I rang her back and said yeh I'll take it off ..but me being me I said ..'but if you find there's a lot of people who want to take it and you are struggling I'll come in' .... anyway she rang me and said I'll be working it now where as 15 other people will be off for 2 months ... over the weekend discussing it with my partner totally forgetting what should be Easter holidays for my kids this coming Friday ... I have no childcare as the relatives who normally watch them are self isolating too 🤦🏻‍♀️ .. I'm going to have to ring tomorrow and explain and hopefully I'll be able to get the furlough.
But she sometiiiiiimes can be not very helpful and I get real anxiety when I have to ring them. As I know now she would have divided our team and would have who is off and who is in... I know the ones who are off all have children but yet she's got me in? Stupid I know I shouldn't of said I'd help otherwise ... but any advice on this ? I really start to worry about ringing work like I'm taking the mick or something but I'm really not... arghhh!! Sorry this is so long xx

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