Mail Merge hell!

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Seriously79 Fri 27-Mar-20 11:18:02

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I need help.

Over the years, several people have showed me how to do a mail merge - all in different ways. Now I need to do one and I've no idea how to do it, I'm taking bits from each way I've been told and really messing it up - I've looked at you tube and it's still not clicking!

Do you have a simple, fool proof way of getting this done before I implode with frustration 🤯


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airedailleurs Mon 06-Apr-20 17:09:26

Hi if you still need help with this, try following the instructions in the Step by Step Mailmerge wizard in Microsoft Word itself, it's actually pretty straightforward. Good luck!

SmokeAndBone Mon 06-Apr-20 17:17:32

Exactly what aire said, the Wizard is good.
But do you need to go back a bit further - do you know how to create and save your data in e.g. Excel and then close that file.
Either open the Word doc which you want to mailmerge into, or start a new document
Is it just after that you're stuck?

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