Little things getting to me

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MamMomMommyMa Thu 26-Mar-20 09:41:48

Note im not in the UK in case that matters.

A few little things are beginning to get to me lately, any tips on how to not let them affect me?

Only back from maternity leave 3 weeks

We have these daily team video calls and I feel a bit down over comments my manager is making. These calls aren't about work but casual chit chat since we are all remote due to coronavirus. Today's example is when chatting someone said ok enough bad news anyone with any good news and I mentioned special offer on Easter eggs in local supermarket and she threw her eyes up to heaven and made a face. There can be up to 15 of us on these calls so everyone would have seen it. Its been things like this since I returned. Other things are smart comments when I make a suggestion about work- something wasn't working the way it should (just simple thing that is obviously broken) and i asked should i raise it with IT and i get a smart answer saying no its meant to be like that to teach us a lesson so we do it the right way.

Maybe im taking it all too personal but it feels personal

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