3 kids, WFH, how do you do it??

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Kindpotato Mon 23-Mar-20 06:58:12

Hi all

I'm starting my new job next week. They are amazing. I'm working from home from the get go. I'm a newly single parent with 3 children, 4, 6, 9

How the hell do you get any work done?!

My ex has said he won't help with childcare while they're out of school (he's a self employed gardener so I asked if he could flex his weekends to in the week instead. Big fat NO).

My brother said he would come twice a week (phew!)

The rest of the time I was going to chalk up a routine. But I tested it this weekend and I was still spending most of my time being a;
Dinner lady
Pe teacher (thankfully Joe wick is taking over this role hahaha)
English teacher
Referee again (X 1 million)
Remote controller

Just wondering if any ladies are successfully doing this. I cannot afford to mess up my new job as now I'm on my own sad

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Passthecake30 Mon 23-Mar-20 07:01:17

Are the hours flexible? My kids are older but I'm struggling (started last week here). I'm working before they wake up (7-8.30), in the evening while they stare at the tv/go to bed (8-10.30) and the hours that they have "off". They do school work for 3 slots of 45mins, we all exercise at lunchtime, and the rest of the time they stare at their iPads, unless I nag them - which I don't have time to do tbh.

Karwomannghia Mon 23-Mar-20 07:07:40

Will you mainly be on the computer or phone? On phone people have to accept children making noise etc.
Set up a work station that is out of bounds. Lots of tv/ snacks etc! Sounds very difficult and very unreasonable of your ex as well.

unlimiteddilutingjuice Mon 23-Mar-20 07:11:14

I'm making them breakfast and then leaving them to their own devises until midday.
Then we eat, I play with them and we do school work until tea time.
It does them no harm to entertain themselves for a few houses. Lock the door 9n them if you have to.

unlimiteddilutingjuice Mon 23-Mar-20 07:17:03

Few hours.
Lock the door on them

Queenoftheashes Mon 23-Mar-20 07:19:56

Can’t they just play in the garden? A 9 year old could take a bit of responsibility for entertaining the younger ones surely.

DICarter1 Mon 23-Mar-20 07:22:57

I’m feeling panicked. Three kids (10,9 and 7) but the youngest two have special needs. The 7 year old he needs 1:1 supervision. I’m working from work and am going to try and fit my hours into the evening instead.

SoloMummy Mon 23-Mar-20 08:06:07

Firstly, you shouldn't be using any outside help to avoid the risk of coronavirus spreading further. Every additional contact increases the risk.

I have workbooks for my child as I have always worked from home so have had to supplement their education at points anyway. I star the pages I would like completed for independent learning. The easier stuff. And then make time for the more I depth learning when I am not working.

With your children, I'd suggest maybe making a lunch box so they each have food on tap so to speak, likewise bottle of water. Just like at school. Then plan your day so that you perhaps have them do an hour at start of the day. Then they may go and play or do electronic learning if you have those gadgets.

If you have a garden then set a task for the garden.

Maybe set a group topic on something they can be expressive with.

It's about chunking up the day when I work. I'm also slightly tweaking the hours I do so that when my child is more amenable I'm working rather than working till 5 when the horns have sprouted out of their head!

If you haven't already got some order some workbooks for each child online.

Use star charts. We already did this for homework but now do it for home learning. The current prize is a sought after sweet treat. But it could be a book from amazon or £1 whatever works in your family.

Fwiw if the ex won't cooperate, I would consider that you're now self isolating and that means that only video calls take place between him and the children, to further reduce the risk to your unit.

If you're going to use family as childcare, then I would try and cram as many hours in as possible to those days

Kindpotato Tue 24-Mar-20 22:07:16

Thanks guys. I guess I have time to test what works best and really appreciate your replies and help!
Lots of the mum WhatsApp groups are lit up at the moment about how much work they are doing, and social media taking pics of kids doing school work.
I wouldn't mind just keeping mine alive tbh!

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