Pregnant and coronavirus- Manager doesn't seem to care

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anonymoooose Tue 17-Mar-20 10:36:07

Hi all
So I'm 24 weeks pregnant and work at a council but I'm a temp
I've said to my manager I can work from home but would need a phone to make calls or be reimbursed.
She literally shut me down and said we aren't doing the contingency plan right now
I have an 8 year old and my mum has health problems so I don't want to catch anything and take it to her. Also in the news it's been said about pregnant women staying at home.
I was thinking to say I would work until the end of the week, if you can sort a phone for me then I can work from home from next week or I will stay off? Am I wrong for this?!

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20wedding19 Tue 17-Mar-20 12:26:36

I am 8 weeks pregnant and in a similar position, my husbands work has given him two weeks off because he said I was pregnant but my employer was like see you at the normal time today???
All I can say is that no, I do not think you are wrong at all, I'm amazed that at 24 weeks when, I'm assuming you are showing they are not more concerned. They seem to be actively going against Government policy now
I am going to speak seriously with my employer face to face tonight and hope for a better response (I work nights)
I had to go to Geneva last week and was terrified, we have no idea what this could do to our babies
So not much advice but lots of compassion and solidarity

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