Issues with a moron

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Autumnspring Sun 15-Mar-20 00:30:15

Supervisor told my coworker about a discussion about me turning into a argument with our new manager.
I am ignored and anything from not smiling or letting myself be sucked into the dramas is a chance to have a go and the gossip is getting on my nerves.
Asked did I like new manager.. what do you say when I have no idea yet my thoughts and feelings are not relivant in the end as the manger is here to manage right give the person a break.
I am at work to work.
I side step the clicks, bitching,backstabbers.
Unbeknown I vent to a co worker who knows all the ins and outs but knows my personal life which others don't hence my frustrations when I have said My cup is full I am here to work sort of thing
A untrained Unprofessional person in charge does not do well for some of us who need it kept as such, Professional.
They are in deep I was told.
I am trying to get a new job.

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