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Best way to list mindfulness / meditation

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doadeer Sat 14-Mar-20 12:16:45

My family run a yoga and wellbeing centre. We are a small business and worried about people stopping coming to class from Corona. My sister is pregnant and she can't afford to have no income. We have a very loyal database of customers around 400 active - I know they would like to be able to access yoga classes, mindfulness and meditation sessions.

We would want to commercialise this. Ideally a monthly fee gives you access to a bank of resources.

I'm pretty good with technical stuff - I made the website and manage the email etc but I keep going round in circles thinking about the best platform to do this.

Do I sell them on iTunes (but can't do monthly), do I make an app? Can I gate an area of the website? Just I just make a Google drive and keep it simple?

Any ideas appreciated!

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