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Nervous about job interview!

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Rebecca980 Tue 10-Mar-20 09:46:58

A few weeks ago, we made the move from London to Sussex. Loving it here, by the sea and in a great town. Best move ever.
I still work in London, albeit with a Wednesday working from on home. It’s about 2 hours twenty each way door to door - and it’s really taking it out of me. Luckily husband works from home so is around, but I’m finding myself shattered.
I have a job interview tomorrow which is far more local. About a 10% pay cut (but wages aren’t as high here - and I’ll be saving £115 a week on train the train station snacks. Gin in a tin in the train home, anyone? Shhh! Haha). And it’s a company I really like.
As it all seems like such a good fit, I’ve now totally worked myself up. I’ve already done that stupid thing where I’ve imagined myself working there - and it’s hit me now a day before that I’ll be back to square one if I don’t get this. The pressure is on! I’m finding I can’t even focus properly on preparing today...although I’ve made so many notes!
Has anybody else been in a similar situation? Would love your tips on re-building that confidence and smashing that interview.
(Oh. And it’s a three hour interview! That’s not helping the nerves either! This is because they wanted to do all stages in one day for me because they know I work in London currently and thought it might be easier for me).

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pippistrelle Tue 10-Mar-20 09:57:44

What I would say is that the fact that they want to do something that makes it easier for you suggests that they think you're a really strong candidate, so you should draw confidence from that!

Is the job itself similar?

Rebecca980 Tue 10-Mar-20 10:04:45

It’s a similar role, but a different industry. That’s one of the exciting things! Ive been in my sector for 11 years now and with the move ect, I really do fancy the change.
Yes, it does give me confidence! Very long though, in three hours there’s a lot of opportunity to say something stupid haha.

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bank100 Tue 10-Mar-20 10:16:24

Three hours is an awfully long interview. Or will it partly be testing you skills / trial?
Lots of luck!
Eat plenty before you go, even if you don't fancy it. Don't want a rumbling tummy for 3hrs.

Rebecca980 Tue 10-Mar-20 10:18:40

@bank100 I know! It’s an hour each with three different people. I do wonder whether it could have been done as a panel instead - but I think they’re looking for a really good cultural fit so
maybe the 121 is supposed to put at ease. Will definitely have a big breakfast! No test either, so just three interviews in a row.

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pippistrelle Tue 10-Mar-20 10:37:04

Take water. Nerves can mean a dry mouth, and water isn't always offered.

And remember, you're seeing whether they're a good fit for you as well. It's not all one-sided. I wonder if there separate slots means they're more likely to be like back and forth meetings, rather than too formal interviews. Have lots of questions to ask.

Rebecca980 Tue 10-Mar-20 10:47:16

@pippistrelle Good tip! I often forget about questions to ask and leave it to the last minute which can lead to some bizarre things coming out of my mouth!! Haha.
Yes, I’m hoping it won’t be too formal 😊

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Teacaketotty Tue 10-Mar-20 11:13:11

Definitely second the water advice!

I am waiting to hear back from an interview myself, it’s horrible when you really want the job. Just think they want to fill this position and have made adjustments so you can interview, the job is yours for the taking - you can do it!

Rebecca980 Tue 10-Mar-20 11:24:28

@teacaketotty Thank you! And I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! Xx

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