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Work from home? What do you do?

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Undecided91 Tue 03-Mar-20 19:39:09

By the sounds of it (based on another AIBU thread) a lot of you work from home. If you are so lucky can you please tell me what you do you do for living? (Apart from self employed smile) ) I am in West Yorkshire and want to find a nice enough company to work for where flexi working & working from home wouldnt be a strict no-no (like it is in my current workplace). Ta xx

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BackforGood Tue 03-Mar-20 22:59:57

This is asked on MN on a pretty regular basis - you might find some other threads with a bit of searching smile

Generally there is a mix of people who are 'allowed to do some of their admin from home' and other who have negotiated a particular regular day (or two days) from home, and then lots of people who run their own business.
You get lots of people who are self employed in one way or another.

Public funded jobs tend to be quite good with their terms and conditions, partly because the pay is never going to be great and this is something that employees value, and partly because they are trying to save money by not having enough desks for everyone to work in teh office anyway.

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