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Working less as a society (by not giving to the rich)

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Zenlifeforme Sat 29-Feb-20 21:06:37

I just read this comic by french blogger and comic writer Emma (there are more people in the workforce now than ever before, yet more people still having to work, wages are lower, surely we should be working less, concept of 'bullshit jobs' and fat cats making profit from workers)

I have heard this before now I think about it (socialism) but it really brought it home to me, especially seeing it in cartoon format, such an effective medium.
At the start of her comic she references the background reading she did, but it's all in French. I wondered if anyone else also with their finger on the pulse knows of any ted talks or inspiring videos but in English? I know I could google it but hoping someone else to have done that before and happy to share.
*I mean like a video on a speaker who sees how it can be (I know jeremy corbyn did this but I am thinking smaller scale, like every day things we can do, build more co-ops etc).
Thanks very much.

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