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Bunny20182018 Fri 28-Feb-20 05:12:30

Hi Ladies,

I have only been in my new role for a couple of months, already that feels too long. When I started there were lots of issues, not with me, but with the manager at the time acting unprofessionally, there had been 2 grievances put in against her. Apparently this had been allowed by her managers to go on long before I arrived. Anyway to cut a long story short she exited the business, to this day I still don't know if she walked as they finally had a talk with her about the way she treated people or if they told her to leave.

It is a small office , I work in HR, 4 of us in total everyone is demotivated by the lack of direction, no solid communication, inconsistent direction, the list goes on.

I have a daughter and when I was recruited for the role they never said it was a role covering evenings, they said I would cover occasional evenings, as it's a 24/7 operation. As it was only occasionally I thought that was wrong am I!!!

I'm doing Mon-Thurs up until 10pm which is really effecting my sleep and my mental health, it also affects everyone else who has to get up early the next morning ie my daughter for school and my partner for work. I've been very under the weather and stressed lately and it's due to these unsociable hours. It's just not working for me at all. I'm in a contract role covering for someone on LTS , who is also a jibbering wreck mainly due to that job!!

I want to leave but I need the money as we are trying to buy a house, as I stupidly sold mine to move abroad which didn't work out.

I feel like I'm trapped and I feel so I'll, they change the goal posts constantly no one is happy there.

One of the girls is leaving so I would expect they would offer me her role so I wouldn't work nights and I'd have a permanent contract for stability. If they don't I think I will walk as I'm sick of being micro managed also, it gives me such anxiety.

It's a really toxic environment, I feel I should whistleblow also due to a lot of unethical practices going on in that department.

You honestly wouldn't believe what goes on!!

Any advice appreciated

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Cordial11 Fri 28-Feb-20 05:17:23

How horrible OP - stick it out if you can till you find something better

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