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Application help please!

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DramaQueef Thu 27-Feb-20 07:36:46

So I am in the process of applying for an admin job with the Police.
As part of the application you have to describe a situation where you have given good public service and a situation where you used integrity.
I'm really struggling to know what to put and I appreciate MN don't know me to tell me what I should put haha but if you can give me some ideas of what situations you used then it may jog something in my foggy menopausal mind ??

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ThrowTheBookandtheBookcase Thu 27-Feb-20 07:43:25

Good public service - have you ever done any volunteering? PTA events maybe? Have you ever stopped to help at the scene of an accident?

With regards to using your integrity, has there ever been a situation when you've done the right thing which hasn't necessarily been the easiest thing? Have you had to report the actions of a manager at work, for example?

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