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Manager moan

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ImNotSaffie Wed 26-Feb-20 18:21:32

Sorry if there's already a thread... I've seen one about moaning about colleagues but can we have one about managers only?
I'll start - I'm not in a position to change jobs, so just have to put up with the derranged shit 😂 I have too much material on this woman but one of the common gripes is when I am talking to someone else who reports to her to, she interrupts, talks over me, is incredibly rude and is pointless as she hasn't even bothered to hear me out. She's such a control freak it's unbelievable! I'm now going to go down the route of trying to never cross her path (as she's unapproachable anyway), stay away from where we all have our breaks and lunches as much as I can and just to to work and come home and accept the paycheck....
It's hard as I value a harmonious team, but she makes it impossible.

Who's next?

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Ughyouannoyme Wed 26-Feb-20 21:05:00

What other material do you have?

stayingontherail Thu 27-Feb-20 06:03:56

That doesn’t sound like deranged behaviour.

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Thu 27-Feb-20 12:16:50

Can you say 'excuse me, would you mind if i just finish what I'm saying to X'?

People even bosses generally back down if you extremely politely bare your teeth.

Black77Bird Fri 28-Feb-20 04:41:58

In all honesty - and no disrespect intended - I don't think your Manager is acting deranged at all. If you're collecting a dossier on all their behaviour then I think that is an issue. You say you're not in a position to change jobs, but I feel you should re-think that as it's obviously not the best environment for you and I don't think your Manager will ever ever gain your respect.

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