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HotTea03 Wed 26-Feb-20 15:26:09


I am a full time academic working at a university and am struggling with productivity levels at the moment.

Firstly, I do not have an office or hot desk and it is impacts the work I do. When i started this role four years ago, I was informed that once a desk became available I would have office space. Nothing has changed, and I am advised to just find space where I can. My only options are the library which involves currently circling each floor looking for a space to work or working in the noisy cafe areas as these have tables. I arrive at work at 8am and can still be looking for a desk or space to work an hour or two later.

Should I need to use the bathroom or have a drink / food, I have to pack my belongings up and the search for space begins on my return.

I have brought this issue up on a monthly basis with my HoD and she states that her hands are tied and is looking for space.

I now tend to work from home as I am guaranteed desk space and access to a telephone. No one has ever questioned where I am but feel it is impacting my mental health and work productivity levels.

Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom please? I feel that jobs are so scarce in academia that I have to maintain this role. Thanks

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olderthanilookapparently Wed 26-Feb-20 15:43:08

I would raise a greivance with your manager and speak to your union about it. If you aren't in a union I think this would be a good reason to join one.

laughinglettuce Thu 27-Feb-20 18:15:43

That's ridiculous.

Agree that you need to raise a grievance.

Black77Bird Fri 28-Feb-20 04:36:08

This is unacceptable.

I would ask your HoD to give it to you in writing that she will address the situation as a matter of priority and until such time as it is fixed, you have full permission to work from home.

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