Job in a care home vs community care

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Livelovelife35 Sun 23-Feb-20 19:33:31

Changed my career after 14 years of being a cleaner and doing the same thing day in and out so after thinking I could never do anything else I took a leap into care.
I have experience of looking after elderly relatives and my dad before he passed
I'm now in care but home care going to clients houses and helping with things like washing dressing etc
I never thought I'd love it but I do the story's they tell you and the thank yous you get when you leave leaves a sence of pride only down side I'm seeing is tonight I was meant to have quite a few clients 2 of which cancelled due to family taking them out which is nice and 1 in hospital so only really had 2 clients

Is there pros and cons with care at home and working in a care home or is it pretty much the same except in a care home your gaunteed the hours etc

Any info from any workers in both sides of care are welcome plus I do work with a few dementia clients etc

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Girlintheframe Tue 25-Feb-20 17:31:01

I've done both. Really depends on the company but as a general

Home care
Pros - if based close to home can nip back throughout the day
Pt has more autonomy
No micro managing from more senior staff

We got paid for cancelled visits but not every company does this
Lone working - lack of support from more senior staff
Long hours (7am -10pm)
Frequent calls/request to cover rota shortages

Care Home

Pros - senior staff available
More available training

Night shift
Can be quite regimented and obv has to be very routine focused

Personally out of the two I would pick home-care but with a very good company.

Livelovelife35 Tue 25-Feb-20 18:10:19


Thanks the company I'm with is meant to be good they keep recruiting more staff and I'm basically covering for staff that are off on holiday etc so no sign of my own run and hours I'm needing yet

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