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wonderlust07 Fri 21-Feb-20 15:11:13

I have been with my current company 5 years. I had a couple of temporary jobs after I graduated but this was my first 'proper' job. I have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of progression now and sent my CV to a few places earlier this week.

I have been invited to interview next week, taking a day off as holiday (as I have a few days to take anyway) and I am so nervous. I am not sure whether I am nervous for the interview as I have not had an interview for 5 years or just the fear of the unknown if I do leave.

I am sure most people feel like this but if anyone has any inspiration that would be much appreciated.

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hernamewasrio Thu 05-Mar-20 17:33:36

Listen to Viv Goskrop's How to Own the Room podcast - you'll feel invincible. Remember it's your story and you know it best. Be authentic and honest. If you do that and you don't get the job then it wasn't the right opportunity for you. Enjoy it!

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