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onewhitewhisker Mon 17-Feb-20 17:58:00

Hello, I wondered if anyone has been successful in conquering interview nerves and can share any tips? For background, I'm going for middle seniority NHS clinical and managerial roles. In last two interviews, feedback was I'm strongly appointable but second choice. I'm pretty sure anxiety in the interview is the key problem - firstly because it means I don't give the panel the confident warm non-specific feel they're looking for, secondly because it means I don't think clearly enough in response to the questions and spot the opportunities to get across things they haven't directly asked but I want them to know iyswim? Thank you!

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Blonde2888 Tue 18-Feb-20 11:55:39

Congrats on the potential new role! I have had a few interviews over the past couple of years for senior management positions. All of which included a panel interview and a presentation (eek). I find that to balance my nerves, preparation is key for me. I will ensure I go over questions/answers and presentation material so that I can reel it off by heart. Even if i'm nervous, I know the material so well I dont have a chance to mess up. Remember that everyone is nervous, and if you arent' then I'd be a little worried. Plus if you channel them properly, they actually help make you more alert. Try some online breathing exercises that you can take into the interview with you. LinkedIn has some great interview tips too. Good luck and i'm sure you'll do great!

onewhitewhisker Fri 21-Feb-20 17:00:56

hi blondie thanks for your reply. the Linkedin idea is great, I will have a look.

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