Off ill with suspected ME, employer offering redundancy - any views pls?

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Redstar99 Thu 13-Feb-20 18:54:15


I work for a large global org. I have been off for 3.5 months with what a neurologist thinks is ME. I proactively (stupidly I think in hindsight) engaged with HR (beyond sending in my sick notes) to understand if they'd helped others with ME get back to work last week. They talked of occupational health etc "when you are ready".

I was then, a week later, asked to join a call with a senior person I have never met where I was offered a sum of a year's salary to go. I have been given a week to accept or decline this...

ME generally meets the 3 aspects of disability criteria. It is typically diagnosed from 6 months. I am wondering if they are trying to get rid of me before it is more difficult for them to. I understand from ACAS that in employment law it is a only the judge that decides what meets the disability criteria.

I have paid into a critical illness insurance which would kick in at a year. Which gave me a false sense of security that I would be 'allowed' to recover and actually had security for 5 years.

I do have a partner but I am the bread winner and we couldn't survive on their wages, so we'd need to downsize to a cheaper property.

ME can be a life-time illness, but with rest I could hopefully recover but it could be years.

Any views from anyone that works in large orgs? I think if they have decided I should go, they will get rid of me anyway and maybe offering me less.

Am trying to see an employment lawyer tomorrow.


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