Term time vs non term time work

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HoHoHolly Mon 17-Feb-20 00:39:02

Depends on your children.

With either 2 parents to share the load, or a bit of help from family, we have found the holidays ok to cover working all year round. We had employers who largely let us take leave when we want, and children who were reasonably amenable to holiday clubs etc. There are quite a lot of holiday club options round here for primary school children. It was much easier with nursery-to-primary age children than we'd expected.

It's got a bit trickier now one child has started really struggling with clubs, and the other is at that awkward stage of early secondary school when they're a bit young to be left all week, but a bit old or reluctant to do clubs.

However we are still always needing to juggle work to fit in parents' evenings, matches, performances, early finishes, insets, SENCo meetings etc in term time. I don't know how we'd cover all that without one of us being PT or taking annual leave in term time.

Grasspigeons Wed 12-Feb-20 08:11:02

I work term time. It is fantastic not having to juggle or think about holiday cover.
It is very restrictive in term time. Hard to see plays, sports days and appointments. My previous job i could just shift my working day.
Term time working is a part time working arrangement so are there other ways that could work for you - such as a 3 day week or shorter days etc.

Dozer Wed 12-Feb-20 07:42:09

What’s your pension situation? That’s important long term.

Another option would be to seek a higher paid job, year round, and continue to seek family help and pay for some holiday childcare.

Bluewater1 Wed 12-Feb-20 07:39:27

If it's financially viable, term time only part time working is great. Check out the policy on if your child is sick though on a working day for you. Some places will let you take that day off and work a typically non working day that week to replace it. Others will not.

MarthasGinYard Wed 12-Feb-20 07:35:45

If financially it's not going to cause problems then do it.

It's going to be more difficult to expect family to have two over school holidays and much easier if you can sort yourselves.

Tumbleweed101 Wed 12-Feb-20 07:33:05

If you can manage financially I’d do the flexible term time working, especially if you want another child too. I think balance is important when you have a young family and it isn’t too many years until it gets easier.

Darklava09 Tue 11-Feb-20 21:17:53

Just wanted everyone’s views.

I have done both and currently work non term time. I left originally for my flexibility with taking DS to school and picking up but found out that the council is actually very inflexible. I rarely get to do either due to starting times at work, I finish late and often not getting home until half 6.

I’m thinking of going back term time which would mean a drop In pay and less progression as I’m not a teacher.

I don’t pay a lot for childcare but have to rely on family during the holidays and I feel like DS is a ping pong ball.sad

I want another child and I feel that term time would give me a better work life balance...
- earlier finish times
-all the holidays
- not using annual leave just to cover childcare

What’s everyone’s views would you take the drop in pay for a better work life balance. My only worry is my DS can have some health appointments and some head teachers are funny with time off and currently I can take him to those appointments without much of an issue.

Views of parents who do both? What would you do

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