I'm thinking about training to be a sports massage therapist

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thisisnotgoodnews Sun 09-Feb-20 17:13:50

So I currently teach fitness classes and get injured/achey alot which means I'm often visiting osteopaths, sports massage therapists and physios.

I've recently started thinking about training as a sports massage therapist and wanted to hear from others who have done this and to how they found the course and how they find doing this job?

I'm thinking it would mean I could be self employed which would work well for me and its something im interested in and it would feel great to be able to help people (I think my massage therapist is amazing and would love to be able to help others in this way)

I would love to hear more about doing this job smile

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goodtimesfuntimes Mon 10-Feb-20 17:39:17


LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Mon 10-Feb-20 17:41:59

My BF retrained as a massage therapist, but she actually found doing massages day after day got quite dull quite quickly. She now runs her own business in an allied field.

loserssaywhat Mon 10-Feb-20 17:45:27

Massage therapist here. I think if you are able to
Incorporate it into the work you currently do it will work really well for you.
I offer a lot of other treatments as well so I'm not massaging all day long which can be really tiring but i don't see why you wouldn't.
It's an opportunity to make more money and offer something different to your clients.

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