My coat! AIBU? WWYD?

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Doingitmyway Sat 08-Feb-20 01:39:27

In the grand scheme of things, this might seem petty to some but it’s really irritating me and wanted to get an outsiders point of view.
I work in a school office, can’t hang coat on back of chair as it doesn’t look good when visitors come and even if it was allowed, coat is too long and would get caught under wheels of chair if you know what I mean.
Used to have to fold coat up and put it on the floor, but got fed up of doing that. All managers have own office with hook on back of their door or a coat stand.
I requested a hook or stand on numerous occasions and eventually got a hook put on the inside door of stock cupboard (not allowed a coat stand in the actual office as it looks “messy”). I was ok with this, but the coat hook doubles up as somewhere to hang keys - various, for filing cabinets, transport etc. Sorry for long post but need to give details. Anyway, I’m getting really annoyed that everyone who goes to get the keys touches my coat, moves my coat, kicks my coat as it can sometimes get caught in the door if the door isn’t not closed properly. This might sound petty but it can happen 10 times a day if not more. I’m not being precious about my coat BUT I’ve had pen marks, greasy marks and other marks on my coat. God knows what’s on people’s hands! We don’t have lockers or cloak room.
Already brought it up with immediate manager who agrees but does nothing about it. Do I now go to a senior manager? All I want is somewhere to hang my coat without every Tom, dick or Harry man handling it!

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Itchyhead2020 Sat 08-Feb-20 01:45:06

I think if you came up with an alternative location for your coat they would be more willing to look at the issue.

Doingitmyway Sat 08-Feb-20 01:55:51

I’ve suggested a coat stand in the office but apparently it’s not the right “look” for the office. Do you have any ideas?

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AdaColeman Sat 08-Feb-20 01:57:28

Get a key board for the cupboard and put it up in a different area to your coat? Does the school have a handyman who could help?

Ask for a locker?

Get a wardrobe hanger to protect your coat? (A sort of zip up bag on a hanger)

strawberrygrape Sat 08-Feb-20 02:05:17

Could you put it in a bag (like the ones you get for a suit) and hang that on the door? It would stop people from touching the actual coat.

CassidyStone Sat 08-Feb-20 02:14:55

Can you get one of those over the door hooks and take it in every day for your own personal use?

PenelopePissedstop Sat 08-Feb-20 02:36:00

Over door hook and wooden hanger in evening dress protective cover to avoid mishandling. Leave keys on the existing hook.

Weffiepops Sat 08-Feb-20 02:37:39

YANBU you should definitely have somewhere for your coat to be 'respected'. What a crappy place, work out who the proper adults are (not the overgrown kids who are adult aged) and get their advise. This would piss me right off

Doingitmyway Sat 08-Feb-20 08:44:21

Thanks guys. I never even thought of using the protective cover, I’ll take one in on Monday and a coat hanger. When you say it, that’s an ideal solution.

Ha ha re taking an over door hook for personal use, it is so strict that you can’t take anything in without permission from the HT. To do that I’d have to go through about 3 other leaders in the hope that the request would be passed on. In the meantime I’d still have the ongoing issue.

Yes we have a handy man, I asked if he had another hook for the keys...he said he’d see what he could do...but he hasn’t come back to me with an actual solution, every time he sees me, he says he hasn’t forgotten. That was over a week ago. I get fed up of the sound of my own voice asking the same thing over again.

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