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Work Sickness Policy

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DollyDaydream70 Tue 04-Feb-20 21:25:34

Hi, I'm new here, this is just a quick question. I'm currently absent from work due to sickness. Today is my second day of absence. As per policy (or so I thought) I have rang in yesterday morning, and this morning, 30 mins before my shift was due to start, to let my employer know that I wouldn't be in work. When I rang this morning I was asked to ring again this afternoon to let them know whether I'd be in tomorrow. I didn't ring them a second time. I personally think it's excessive that I would be expected to ring twice in one day when I'm unwell. Also, how would I know today whether I'm going to feel well tomorrow? Thoughts please.

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Pinkflipflop85 Tue 04-Feb-20 21:28:32

Sounds pretty normal to me. We have to ring before 3pm to let our line manager know if we will be in the next day or not.

Toomanyapplesinthefruitbowl Tue 04-Feb-20 21:29:24

You need to look at your own policy / staff manual. Every workplace is different. If you work somewhere where you have to be replaced by another member of staff if you’re off then I can see why they might want a heads up if you’re likely to be off another day so they need to find cover.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Tue 04-Feb-20 21:30:36

If you don't go into work tomorrow will they have to arrange for someone else to do your shift?

Maybe that's why they want to know - because one of your colleagues is going to have to sacrifice their y off to cover you. Surely you know if you feel well enough to be at work tomorrow. What's wrong with you

caulkheaded Tue 04-Feb-20 21:30:41

Sounds normal here too. You ring at 2/3 for second and each subsequent days to arrange cover, it’s only different if you have a fit more.

Wilmalovescake Tue 04-Feb-20 21:30:49

How on earth can we tell you what your workplace’s sickness notification policy is?

DollyDaydream70 Tue 04-Feb-20 21:51:13

To everyone who replied without aggression and inappropriate questions such as 'what's wrong with you' (none of your business!) thank you for your input. My shift would not be covered by anyone else, we have a set number of staff in our department who come into work Mon to Fri, we all work the same shifts. Therefore, me ringing in later in the day would make no difference to tomorrow's numbers. Therefore I don't see any reason for me to let them know until before my shift starts tomorrow. If I rang today it would only be to tell them that I don't know whether I'm going to be well enough to attend work tomorrow, what use would that be to them? I still feel unwell now, not sure how I'll feel in 10 hours time...

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DollyDaydream70 Tue 04-Feb-20 22:03:13

Wilma's a bit aggressive isn't she..? Maybe it's all that cake!!

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