I need to find a job that I doesn't effect my mental health -

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soconfussedwithwhattodo Tue 28-Jan-20 09:21:03

My circumstances are that I work an admin job where I was promised a lot of training which never lateralised over the last ten years. I've averaged a pay rise of £350 a year and it's become dead end. The company I work for are nice and my hours suit me perfectly, but I hate the job i'm doing and struggling to find any motivation there and it's impacting my mental health.

I work school hours 8-3 with two children under 8. I earn around £1000 a month (£10.50 p/h) and as i'm a single parent I get UC as a top up. I live in a council property due to DV in the past.

I'm not overly money orientated, but don't really want to earn less than what I do now unless it's only short term. I'm naturally a nurturing type of person and want to do something where I help other people, but I don't think I would like to work with young children. I have thought about going down the route of helping people in DV relationships in some capacity (possibly IDVA, support worker, social worker), as I have experience myself and it's now a passion. I have 10 GCSE's at pass level, but otherwise I don't have any other qualifications, besides what relate to my job i'm currently in (day courses).

I would love some advice, as I would like to either be working in, training, college or OU etc by September this year. I'm a bit scared of failing, but I feel I need something new to focus on and to find my true calling in life. I would love to hear other peoples advice and also the practical side of training, further education when on UC.


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