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Opt out of pension scheme during NHS bank shifts

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Toastytoes1 Wed 22-Jan-20 20:19:25


I work full time for one NHS Trust but have recently joined the bank with another Trust where I work only as bank, no permanent contract. I’m opted into my pension scheme for my full time job but also have been auto-enrolled into my bank role’s scheme also. I work very few hours as bank, just 1-2 shifts a month.
I was wondering if it’s actually worth staying opted in for bank as my understanding of the scheme is that its based on your career average overall rather than physically how much you actually contribute to your pension, is that correct? In which case it makes no sense to be opted into my bank role’s scheme as I already contribute from my full time job. In my most recent payslip from bank I pay nearly £50 into my pension so that’s not an inconsiderable amount that I’d rather just get paid if there’s no point putting it into my pension. Does anyone understand how it works that can tell me if its worth the additional contributions or not?
Thank you.

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