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HR folk, please could you help me with a continuous service based question.

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halexanderamilton Wed 22-Jan-20 19:17:42

I have just been offered a job at a company that I left at Christmas due to my contract coming to an end. I have been offered a new contract with them starting in March. I asked if they would allow this as continuous service and they refused as the gap between contracts is more than 2 months and I have worked elsewhere in between.

Would this be a normal situation at the organisations you work with, please? I'm just trying to get a handle on this as, because I am on contracts, it would be unreasonable of them to expect me not to work elsewhere in between contracts.

I just wondered what other people think.

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dementedpixie Wed 22-Jan-20 20:05:49

Doesnt sound like continous service to me if you worked somewhere else in between jobs

PrincessSloth Wed 22-Jan-20 20:11:24

We wouldn't do it as continuous service either

halexanderamilton Wed 22-Jan-20 20:14:08

Ok thanks for such quick replies. I wasn't sure if the fixed term contract aspect might have bought me some leeway.

Thanks for your advice. I won't pursue it any further smile

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confusedandemployed Wed 22-Jan-20 20:15:55

No that's too long. Longest I've ever heard of is a month's break and that was with a very generous employer.

RoomR0613 Wed 22-Jan-20 20:16:17

The public sector only allows something like 5 days gap between roles for continuous service to still apply, just to put it in perspective for you.

halexanderamilton Wed 22-Jan-20 20:54:04

Thanks. Great perspective. I appreciate you replying.

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