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Problems with retirement

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tiramisususu Sun 19-Jan-20 10:38:40

NC for this.
My husband is disabled and has recently had (successful) treatment for cancer. His care needs have increased over the past couple of years and as I'm in my late 50s and he is in his 60s (retired, receiving work pension and gets state pension next year), we were looking at my options in regard to work/caring responsibilities.
My work offers the option of flexible retirement whereby you reduce your hours and take part of your pension early. We did the sums, and decided this was the way forward for now. I was to reduce my hours by 12 per week (I currently work 30 hours per week), and this would mean I have two extra days at home with my husband.
I raised this with management and this was agreed in November, with my new role (same job, just fewer hours) and pension starting at the end of January. We were delighted with this arrangement, and set about planning this new stage of our lives.
On Friday I was told that there had been a mistake (read: cock-up by management) and they were now not letting me do this as the costs to the department were too high. This after I've sorted out my pension, sorted out new hours, and assumed this was all going ahead in less than a fortnight. To say we are devastated is an understatement. My husband is livid, and very upset by this - his relief at my reduced hours was visible, and this has caused him so much stress now. He is the one who is suffering most because of this sudden reversal of their decision.
I'm going to speak to my union on Monday and see what they say, but does anyone know if I have any legal comeback on this? I feel like our lives have been totally messed with, and I'm so angry about the effect it is having on my husband's health.

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tiramisususu Sun 19-Jan-20 10:56:02

Would ACAS be able to give advice on this?

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tiramisususu Sun 19-Jan-20 14:29:00


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user1497207191 Sun 19-Jan-20 15:36:14

Did you get their agreement in writing?

tiramisususu Sun 19-Jan-20 15:54:04

Yes I did.

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Archway04 Mon 27-Jan-20 22:32:44

I did the same about 5 years ago, i now work 3 days a week, yes it did have to be agreed in writing by managers, and then HR sent
Paper work to sign etc.

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