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Leave for wisdom teeth extraction

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Sunflowersok Thu 16-Jan-20 12:36:30

After a year of being in pain and a serious phobia of the dentist I finally have ‘bitten’ the bullet and booked the app for getting then attended to.

I have a feeling I will need the bottom set out at least - they have been causing me the worst pain, numbness in my other teeth from the pressure and migraines (including ocular) and the bottom have pierced through and are growing pretty impacted. The top haven’t come through yet but by the lumps they seem to be taking the same course so I’m not too sure about them.

I’ve heard it can be pretty brutal and one of the issues I’m having is time off work.

I was quite will over the winter (almost 3 months) and had to have two periods of sickness over this time. I know that if I am off sick again i will hit my trigger target for absence.

Would it be reasonable of me to request special absence for it knowing that it’s planned surgery? I’m not too sure how it works.


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anothernamereally Thu 16-Jan-20 12:40:46

Can you book a day's annual leave? It's not always brutal- I was back at work the next day but agree some are worse than others

Sunflowersok Thu 16-Jan-20 12:43:16

*ill over the winter

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Sunflowersok Thu 16-Jan-20 12:45:36

I have one day annual leave until April I’ve saved for child emergencies so I wouldn’t want to use it on that.

I’m usually quite good with my leave and my sickness I’m hardly ever off work but I had a harrowing year last year with being ill myself and my car almost during and needing surgery so I used a lot of my leave taking a few days here and there for taking care of him.

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Sunflowersok Thu 16-Jan-20 12:46:17

*cat. Crikey, apologies - my car was not ill!

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