Is this allowed? Demoted and offered redundancy.

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Marilla27 Wed 15-Jan-20 01:32:18

I got a new boss three years ago who is best friends with my work colleague. I soon found that I was being sidelined in favour of her and lost a lot of responsibilities which were handed to my colleague.

Today, my boss called us into a meeting with the HR manager and told us that she had restructured the department. My job had a 6K salary reduction, and a manager's job on a higher salary had been created that either of us could apply for. I know this job is for my colleague.

We were given envelopes outlining the change and job descriptions. I noticed that the two envelopes had our tiny initials in the corner so they must have been different. My envelope also contained redundancy policy paperwork.

Is this allowed? Anyone else ever experienced this?

Naturally I am in shock, angry, devastated, etc.

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maxelly Wed 15-Jan-20 14:07:29

Long story short, yes they can restructure their business any way they like, providing they have reasonable business justification to do so and aren't singling anyone out for discriminatory reasons (e.g. on the grounds of race or sex).

Am I right in thinking that there were 2 distinct and different roles before, 1 which was yours, 1 your colleague? And now they are proposing 3 roles, 1 similar to your current but fewer responsibilities and £6k less, 1 your colleagues (unchanged) and 1 new manager role? If so I can see why they would give you the redundancy paperwork but not your colleague (although are you sure she wasn't given the redundancy policy too?), because if it's the situation I described technically there's been no change to her role whereas you would be technically redundant, either the new manager role or the new 'demoted' role might be suitable alternative employment for you but if neither is possible then redundancy would apply.

They'll need to run some kind of fair selection process for the new managers role, plus follow proper and fair redundancy processes (assuming you don't want to accept the £6k reduced role as SAE) - I can see that the whole thing feels unfair and it may or may not be against employment law - but even if it is proving it may be difficult, so now may be the time to think what you want to 'get' out of this (financial or practical, e.g. a new job or an agreed reference or a good financial settlement) and the best way of going about getting that. I would advise taking some advice from your trade union (if you are a member) or from ACAS or an employment law solicitor...

Marilla27 Thu 16-Jan-20 22:45:02

Thank you for taking the time to reply. There are just 2 roles as they have reduced the salary of 1 (mine) to increase the other - the new manager's role. I wasn't sure if this was allowed so thank you for clarifying. I guess I have been stuffed and will negotiate redundancy.

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