Advice on request to reduce hours - please help

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Alifewithlittles Tue 14-Jan-20 12:26:35

Due to return to work from maternity leave in a couple of months. Would appreciate any advice re: how to approach a request for reduced hours with management? There is no possibility of me going back to the full time hours I was doing, as I would not be home in time to collect DDs from childcare.
How do people generally go about this?

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Didyeaye Tue 14-Jan-20 12:48:30

The basic process to follow is an informal chat with your manager to see how any request might be received and then put it in writing. Ask for your work’s policy on flexible working and this will give you a guide to work with.

In your request you should advise what changes you are looking for make, any potential impact on the business that you can foresee and how you can mitigate these impacts.

Best advice is to be make a realistic request

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