I think I hate my job

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pinky44229 Sat 11-Jan-20 22:18:08

I'm a 23 year old married woman whose previous work is SEN/ LD and support.
I worked in a SEN school which was horrendous (the school was awful, and after my complaint to OFSTED has been put into special measures)
I applied for a job in children's social care and got it, accepted the job offer and 4 months in I feel sick with anxiety. The workload is so high, cases complaints, outstanding visits, IRO escalations and abuse is just horrendous. DH and myself have just bought a house, he's a teacher so is paid well under what he should, I earn approx £6000 more a month but I hate the job. I don't even know what to do. Sorry for the rant but I don't have any IRL friends.

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Wanderlustnearorfar Sat 11-Jan-20 22:23:01

I didn’t want to read and not post, I can understand what you are going through as I found myself in a similar situation and lasted a year in the job before having to walk away and find another job with lower pay and the lasting effects on my physical and mental well-being were shockin, as previously I would of said I would of dealt with these scenarios with ease.my confidence and self belief has taken a battering but it is improving. My advice is leave the job it’s not worth it, and don’t think of it as failing think of it as choosing better for yourself life is too short cake

nitgel Sat 11-Jan-20 22:25:00

6000 more a month ?

pinky44229 Sat 11-Jan-20 22:25:43

@Wanderlustnearorfar thank you so much for your reply, i just feel so torn and unsure of what to do, but knowing I'm not alone really does mean a lot, thank you 🤍xx

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Divebar Sat 11-Jan-20 22:32:30

Sorry I have a few queries... your DH is paid less than he should? What do you mean? ( I’m assuming you don’t earn £6k a month more but £600? ). What role are you performing? Is there any other part of the department that you could take a move into ( such as adoption services for example) that would carry less immediate risks to try and reduce your anxiety. I’m not familiar with all the roles but social workers need a degree... is this the area that you’ve trained in or do you have any other qualifications which could lead you towards another career path ?

pinky44229 Sun 12-Jan-20 08:10:06

@divebar sorry- 6k more a year!!

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Weffiepops Sun 12-Jan-20 08:16:41

Keep looking around for another job, happiness is worth more than money

PurBal Sun 12-Jan-20 08:46:34

Don't stay in something you hate. I have dabbled in 4 different careers and am 30. Yes I've had to take pay cuts. But totally worth it because I'm now doing something I love.

pinky44229 Sun 12-Jan-20 09:01:02

Thank you everyone🤍

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roisinagusniamh Sun 12-Jan-20 09:51:45

Are you still in your Probation period? If so,leave as soon as you can. You MH is more important.
Do some TA agency work while looking for a permanent position.

Oxo01 Thu 30-Jan-20 22:14:06

I'm in adults social care worked for same company for over 30 years, I feel low, and have stress and anxiety night before work when I wake up and whilst at work, the expectations and amount of cases are dangerous, the assessment forms can be 30 pages without having to make referrals and deal with support planning, hospital discharges etc etc.
Over the last 2 years new managers have and continue to i intmidate and bulliy some staff, and we have a constant turnover of locum S/W who leave due to the load and managers attitude. I would not recommend to go into this field now. I am currently off sick since last week and don't know is if I can face it anymore. I know I'm good at my job / assessments but it's getting so bad due to budgets lack of staff amount of referrals and mangers not fit for purpose who are on a power trip, any staff that challenge are sent to Coventry or disrespected / humiliated in front of the team but most are afraid to say anything as they want to keep there job.

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