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NurseandMum80 Fri 10-Jan-20 11:36:26

So I’ve been a nurse within the nhs for the past 8 years.
I love my job, most of my colleagues and the patients. BUT the job has changed dramatically in the past 12 months and has had a huge effect on my physical and mental health. sad
I am currently signed off from work due to stress and anxiety/depression. My sick note runs out at the end next week and I am feeling sick and stressed at the thought of going back. blush

I have never felt like this or been off for this length of time and I am concerned that I am going to go back again and feel the same as I did when I left.
I spoke to a colleague who said it’s still horrendous at work and she feels like leaving. sad

So I would like to change career completely maybe but I don’t know what to do!
I’m currently a band 5 nurse. Has anybody done a prescribing course or looked into Giving botox ? This is one idea I’ve had. confused

Or stop completely and do something else I really don’t know.
I am also a single mum I have a little girl and feel I’m losing out on my time with her.

Thanks any advice or tips appreciated smile

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Lovejay Tue 14-Jan-20 12:35:49

What about looking at wellbeing? Lots of big companies are employing people in this area now. Or secondary school matron - then you get the holidays off!
Good luck - you have lots of transferrable skills smile

madcatladyforever Tue 14-Jan-20 14:39:50

I gave up nursing about 15 years ago because the stress was too much, the 12 hour shifts were killing me, I'm 57. I had complete burn out and quite honestly I could not go on. I'm a single mum too.
I went into insurance as a nurse medical advisor, I had three jobs in insurance, all 9-5. Then retrained as an NHS podiatrist where I am now.
NHS podiatry is great, 100 times less stressful than nursing, 9-5 weekends and bank holidays off yet still interesting.
If I'd stayed in nursing I would have gone into the community or health visiting.

NurseandMum80 Tue 14-Jan-20 18:22:50

Good ideas , Thank you x
Yes I will take a look at what’s around
Thanks again star

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