Reasonable level of responsibility?

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Dorsetcamping Fri 10-Jan-20 08:27:08

Would appreciate some perspective on my job role and and pay levels. Can't work out if IABU or being taken advantage of.

After being a SAHM for sometime I took on a casual job at our local pub in November; just a couple of shifts per week to bring in extra cash. The pub has only been open 6 months and the owners (also landlord) are very new to the business so everyone is on a steep learning curve.

Not long after I started one of the bar staff said she wanted to up her hours and as she's been there a long while mine were cut back. Fair enough. To supplement my hours I was asked if I wanted to clean the pub on a daily basis. Only one hour per day and pay same as bar staff so I agreed.

Since then, the pub has also been advertising a few self-contained rooms with en-suites which has proved popular. I was asked if I wanted to take the housekeeping role on and again I agreed, expecting it would be just be cleaning the rooms.

All was ok and must've proved my worth as I am now expected to manage laundry services, train a potential new house keeper, pretty much be oncall for liaising with guests and be available to clean as soon as the guest has left. On top of that are the constant WhatsApp messages from the landlord checking/asking questions. tbh I'm getting a tad resentful that I doing all this for the same rate of pay I started on (same as bar staff which is a pretty straightforward role in our pub). However I am mindful that this work is all casual and don't want to moan my way out of work.

Any thoughts or suggestions most appreciated. Do I just sit tight given I've only been there a few months and perhaps it's not unreasonable what's being expected?

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Dorsetcamping Fri 10-Jan-20 14:17:04


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Karmin Sun 12-Jan-20 11:59:01

This is how people eventually get raises — not at the start, but later on, after they’ve been successfully doing the new work for a while and have shown that they do it well.

I wouldn’t push the raise issue now. Instead, now is the time to jump in and prove yourself. Eight or 12 months from now is the time to ask for compensation that reflects what you’ve accomplished when you can point to a track record of doing well.

It’s going to be hard to make a strong case for a raise right now as you haven't been there long enough. You could say something like: “I’m glad to help out in covering these additional areas. But to be honest, if I’d known from the start that my job would include these responsibilities, I would have negotiated salary differently. Can we talk about adjusting my salary in order to reflect the new responsibilities I’m taking on?” Have a read of this

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