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MumWifeMe Thu 09-Jan-20 18:36:54

Basically what it says. I'm after a change of career.
I don't have any qualifications but lots of transferable skills (or so I believe). Previous jobs have included working on various departments in a supermarket and most recently a Teaching Assistant. I seem to get itchy feet around the 10 year mark and this is how I am feeling now. My problem is - what else could I do?
I've loved working in a school but I'm feeling unappreciated and to be honest, the holidays restrictions are starting to frustrate me.
I would ideally like something where evenings are my own.

Hit me with some job inspiration - tell me what you do and what you enjoy about your job smilesmile

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NurseandMum80 Sat 11-Jan-20 13:59:06

Are you interested in Caring for people?
Care work or health care assistant in hospital or community. Phlebotomist?

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