School office administrator interview help please!

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badgerread Thu 09-Jan-20 13:10:49

I have an interview for the above role at a local secondary school next Thursday. I have been in admin/PA roles for the last 25 years but never in a school, my last position was a contract role for EA to the CEO & MD of an investment management company which is coming to an end. I have two school age children who have had a horrible year with the sudden death of their DF (my ExH) and need me more than ever, hence looking for a school job. The format of the day is as follows:

Chat with the HR Manager
Chat with the Head's PA
Tour of the school
Meet the Headteacher
Meet the SLT
Formal interview

I've been told I'll be there around 3.5 hours. Can anyone give me any hints and tips as I really would love this job.

Many thanks!

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cabbageking Thu 09-Jan-20 19:14:36

I expect the task is likely to be prioritising tasks?

awishes Thu 09-Jan-20 19:22:25

Interview tips:
Safeguarding, safeguarding, safeguarding! You will never promise to keep a child's disclosure to yourself.
And confidentiality, you won't talk to parents about anything in school, you won't post publicly on social media.
Health and safety is everyone's responsibility.
Interview tasks:
Possibly will be an in tray exercise, prioritising jobs.
It's like no other job, good luck!

Knittedfairies Thu 09-Jan-20 19:23:35

Consider what you think the role is; in a school it's more than spreadsheets other office things - you're the face of the school/buffer for parents and staff. Research safe guarding. Good luck.

tadpole73 Thu 09-Jan-20 23:40:20

Tasks are:
Processing dinners, admissions, leavers, organising after school clubs, trips, music lessons, welcoming visitors, emails, stationery ordering, parent tours, organising events like Xmas plays, open days, parents evening. Finance/HR.

GreenTulips Thu 09-Jan-20 23:46:00

If a parent calls you can only discuss their child and no other. Even if there’s an incident you can say DD has been hit by Bob, has to be another child!

How would you appease an angry parent?
What would you do if saw a none staff member around school?
How would you deal with an upset teen or a cheeky teen?
How could you be sure you are dealing with James parent?
How would you check if James parent has parental responsibility?
How would you handle a missing child?

If I’m doubt say you’re sure that covered by x policy and you would follow that.

Pinkkk Thu 09-Jan-20 23:51:57

I do exactly this job! Apparently what got me the job was being very smiley and showing a real interest in teenagers. Plus a willingness to contribute to the wider life of the school. Good luck, it's a great job.

Also read the school website so you can say something knowledgeable.

maddy68 Thu 09-Jan-20 23:57:03

It'll be trying to protect the head from unnecessary tasks, making sure the right task goes to the right designated person . Remember safeguarding trumps everything. The head needs to know Child protection issues immediately

MT2017 Mon 13-Jan-20 17:29:57

And look at GDPR wink

pinkkk Fri 17-Jan-20 19:37:09

How did it go @badgerread?

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