How much pay rise should I go for?

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chillied Tue 07-Jan-20 21:45:44

I have the option to try for the head role next week. Small organisation. Simultaneously salaries are being reviewed. It looks like about 3K is being proposed to be knocked off the lead role salary.

So should I try to negotiate the 3K back? And if I can't should I just stay as I am? Without the review it could have been a 6K rise; so I could still get a 3K rise. (and more pressure, responsibility).

Would refusing to do it for 3K more be cutting my nose off to spite my face? Or just self-respect and self-preservation?

I've quoted the rises in annual net take-home. Current take-home about £1700 per month.

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maxelly Wed 08-Jan-20 12:37:56

I tend to think more in % terms than actuals, as obviously if you are on min wage then £3k net p.a. is quite a substantial rise whereas if you're a partner in a investment firm on £200k + then it's pretty negligible... I work in public sector where things tend to work a bit differently but my starting expectation for a promotion is a 10% (gross) pay-rise, but would probably accept 5% if a reasonable chance of further payrises to come....

chillied Thu 09-Jan-20 01:41:11

Interesting - thanks! I guess the 3K rise would be nearly 10%.

DH tonight has counselled an 'all or nothing' approach for next week's negotiations.

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