Job interview- but feel the fear

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NewPage Tue 07-Jan-20 19:26:21

So I am feeling huge imposter syndrome. I applied for a job, not thinking I’d get an interview but I have been invited to interview!
This is great, but I am anxious that I wouldn’t be able to do the job if I were to get it. It’s a senior post so not one where I could rely on learning from others and leads a team so very visible.
I’ve had my confidence knocked a fair bit over recent times so I don’t know whether it’s that or I’m just being disillusioned by thinking I could do it!
I am in a job just now but do want a change but worried that I’d wreck it all by getting this and then not working out which would not be good!
Anyone ever feel like this, any tips or advice?

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HundredMilesAnHour Tue 07-Jan-20 19:31:46

I understand how you feel. I had interviews today for a senior role at an investment bank and I was so stressed about it this morning that I nearly withdrew my application. I'm good at my job but the last year or two has been very unpleasant (office politics) and it's really knocked my confidence.

It took every bit of self-discipline to go to the interviews. I had to keep reminding myself that if I don't go, I have zero chance of getting the job whereas if I go, at least I'm in with a chance.

You're not alone in this OP.

NewPage Tue 07-Jan-20 19:41:02

Thank you HundredMilesAnHour, it sounds like we’re having similar experiences. Do you ever feel frozen, like even though where you are isn’t good it’s maybe better to just stay? I too have had a difficult time with office politics. Fear of moving into a worse situation without the length of service etc have I have now.

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HundredMilesAnHour Tue 07-Jan-20 20:13:02

To be honest @NewPage, the frozen thing is where we differ. If I'm unhappy where I am, I tend to move. As I've got older (and more sensible), I'll try to work things out if possible but ultimately, I'm happy to move on to newer, greener pastures. I'm quite comfortable with that which is probably because I've spent time in consultancy so I'm used to moving from client to client and starting from scratch and having to prove yourself again. Sometimes life really is too short to be miserable.

I work in Financial Services so there's very little (if any) job security these days so length of service isn't really a factor for me. I guess I'm also a bit of a risk-taker though and I've never been a "yes person" so I always have to do something about my situation or I pretty much combust. I also believe that you don't grow when you're comfortable so I will always challenge myself even when it feels unpleasant at the time.

But there are good days and bad days. Some days I just want to stick my head under the duvet and wish the world would go away (like this morning!).

NewPage Tue 07-Jan-20 20:52:25

Thanks again, you sound like you have a lot of confidence. That is such a great thing.
I will reflect on your words and try to think a bit more like that! I totally agree with being pushed outside your comfort zone is a great thing. I just found that once I had kids my risk taking dried up, feel like so much relies on me and that’s why I worry about things not working out!

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NewPage Tue 07-Jan-20 22:36:19

Sorry Hundred, I should have added. I hope that you get a great response to your interview and well done on fighting through urge to withdraw your application. You sound like someone who will be great in a new role!

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HundredMilesAnHour Wed 08-Jan-20 09:47:58

Thanks @NewPage I really appreciate your lovely comments. Now I'm in that awful no man's land of waiting for feedback knowing that it could mean something life changing or it could be heartbreak. (I was made redundant a year ago and the job market is horrendous but I desperately need to find work soon as I'm on the verge of running out of no pressure argh!)

Wishing you all the best for your interview. There's lots of good advice on YouTube and elsewhere on the net. I find some really good websites about competency interviews. Doing lots of preparation will calm your nerves. And if you get offered the job, you don't have to take it. The decision is yours. So just go through the interview process and worry about if you can do the job WHEN you get the job offer. That would be my approach anyway. Hope that helps.

I think so many women, including myself, struggle with Imposter Syndrome. I actually talked about it in one of my interviews yesterday. I look at my c.v. and I know it's amazing and it's all true (and factual) but I still think "did I really do that? How the hell did I pull that off?". My last boss described me as "brilliant". I find that so hard to believe. Inside I feel like a nervous wreck just trying my best to do what I can. I guess it looks different to others.

Wishing you all the best for your interview. Please go for it!!! And don't hesitate to PM me if you're having a wobble and need some support.

Interviewnerves2020 Wed 08-Jan-20 22:45:44

@HundredMilesAnHour It's so interesting to read your last post. Particularly the bit about Imposter Syndrome. I'm here stalking the work boards because I have an interview tomorrow. For a job I really want. I don't think I've ever been this nervous before an interview before.

I was actually going to discuss imposter syndrome if they ask me what my weaknesses are. There's definitely some self-confidence that I could work on. Like you, I look at what I've done in my field and I struggle to match that with how I feel. Honestly, I feel like I'm winging it most of the time. My current employers adore me and I still don't quite understand why! On the outside I jest with them that it's because I'm awesome, so of course they love me. But inside I'm plagued with that self doubt.

Wishing you well through the no man's land of waiting and I hope you get the outcome that you want.

Interviewnerves2020 Wed 08-Jan-20 22:51:05

Good luck with your interview @NewPage

Tonight I have been preparing like crazy to quell the nerves. I texted my best friend too to tell her that I was nervous about it. She threw some ideas my way of what they might ask (her husband works in the same job as I'm going for but a different company). I was able to field them straight back to her with competent answers.
I then went online and brushed up on elements that I know will come up, some relating to training that I've undertaken, others that are role specific. I've jotted notes down in a notebook. Writing it down helps me commit it to memory.

Wishing you lots of luck.

HundredMilesAnHour Wed 08-Jan-20 23:32:53

Good luck for your interview tomorrow @Interviewnerves2020!! Take deep breaths before you go in. You can do this! And please let us know how you get on. It's great having this thread to be able to support each other.

TeetotalKoala Thu 09-Jan-20 13:34:46

I'm home! In and out in 50 minutes and they offered it to me on the spot! I can't stop grinning.

They told me that I have exactly the skill set they're looking for. I managed to restrain myself and not make a Liam Neason 'Taken' joke. Made it in my head though.

neomneomneom Thu 09-Jan-20 13:35:59

Yay! Congratulations and doesn't this just show that being courageous pays off?

Go do something lovely now smile

virginpinkmartini Thu 09-Jan-20 13:40:30

Your CV was obviously good enough for them to invite you for an interview, so you're not overqualified.

Sometimes I have days where I feel like I don't deserve my job, like if I make a mistake. But then I remember what I'm good at- time management, leadership, I'm reliable, and I really bloody care. And then I think about how those qualities can sometimes be very difficult to find in an employee, whether I make errors or not.

virginpinkmartini Thu 09-Jan-20 13:40:56

Underqualified, I meant blush

TeetotalKoala Thu 09-Jan-20 13:43:24

Forgot that I'd namechanged yesterday! I'm @Interviewnerves2020

HundredMilesAnHour Thu 09-Jan-20 14:43:40

That's brilliant news! Congratulations and well done. What a fabulous result!

TeetotalKoala Thu 09-Jan-20 14:47:09

Thank you. I'm beaming. I'm so happy.

@NewPage When is your interview? How are you feeling today?

NewPage Fri 10-Jan-20 18:45:47

Congratulations on getting your new job Koala! What fantastic news. I recognise the imposter syndrome you mention! I had a friend over today to ask questions too, though I just went blank 😩 I’m hoping the adrenaline on the day will help. It’s odd because I have lots of really relevant examples but find it hard to connect the examples to the questions, if that makes sense. So if someone says something like ‘how do you manage multiple budgets for team operations’- I think I can’t answer that, yet have managed multiple teams and multiple budgets!

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TeetotalKoala Fri 10-Jan-20 21:19:38

My brushing up on role specific stuff turned out to be a lifesaver as almost the whole interview was focused around it. I've never prepped for an interview in my life before now. I'm so glad that I did this time.

Does wring it down help commit things to memory for you?

The fact that you've got the interview stage itself is fantastic. They've got all your credentials on paper. Now they just want to meet you. How do you normally get on in interviews? Does the adrenaline kick in?

NewPage Sat 11-Jan-20 09:05:39

I get quite nervous in interviews, my mind sometimes goes blank. I’m introverted so find the whole thing quite uncomfortable but I try to work on that.
I am allowed to take in notes though so may write some bullets in case that happens. It’s harder when I really want a job, when it’s an exceptional opportunity like this one.
Thank you for tips. Well done again to getting the role, wishing you the best.

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TeetotalKoala Sat 11-Jan-20 12:09:02

Being able to take notes in is brilliant! After all, no-one would be expected to give a presentation without some notes, and an interview is basically you presenting yourself.

I don't think anyone finds the experience comfortable.

Hopefully the fact that you really want it will shine through.

Before my interview, my stepmum sagely observed that nerves are a good thing as they stop over confidence.

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