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moretolifethan Tue 07-Jan-20 14:48:36

I’ve been working in HR for around 17-18 years, the last 10 of those in a University (I'm aged mid-40’s). I somewhat fell in to HR after some admin and customer service roles and it was never a conscious choice of career. I have mid-level qualifications (CIPD level 5, although studied quite some time ago) am employed in a mid-level role generalist role now, standalone HR provision for a small-ish unit.

The role is OK, the unit is OK (aside from a micro-managing Head of unit), the benefits of this organisation are great and pension is fantastic, although I do miss being part of a Team at times.

Frankly, I’m bored out of my skull and thinking of trying to move sideways in to something else but am not feeling hugely inspired and a bit ’stuck’.

I think my strength lies with my communication and relationship skills and ability to build relationships / credibility etc, although face to face with other people (ie inducting new employees or presenting etc) is not generally the favourite part of my role. I’m hugely organised, highly literate, great at interviewing, I don’t particularly enjoy the ‘problem’ parts of HR i.e. grievances, disciplinaries and the related structured processes etc. I would say my weaker areas are figures/numbers (although I’m by no means incapable of dealing with numeracy) and my Excel skills could do with improving. I’m not desperate to climb any kind of career ladder, and could take a reasonably small drop in salary (currently on around £37k). My absolute ideal would be to be able to ditch the grinding commute and work mostly from home.

Has anyone made a similar move, or have any suggestions for areas I could investigate further please? Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

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