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Do I take the plunge back into a proper job

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Blankscreen Sun 05-Jan-20 23:13:13

Ds is 9 and DD is 6.

I had a four and a half year career break after DS was born and then a job share came up at my old firm. Lower grade lower pay but it has been two days a week and it works out about £1000 a month because I don't pay any tax.

It's a bit boring but easy.

A role has come up in my firm with the same boss but it's much more full on. Basically my old job pre kids.

They've said I can work school hours, 8:30-2:30 and wfh one day a week. So 30 hours a week. It's a big jump from my 13 hours but it's also a big payrise. I'll net about £2800 a month in the new job.

I'll have minimal child care costs due to the timings and we will get a cleaner to ease the burden.

I'm having serious doubts about the impact on the family I like having days to myself whilst the children are at school although I realise that is really self indulgent.

The problem is if I try it I lose my 2 day a week job and potentially end up with nothing.

I feel wracked with guilt at the thought of the children having to go to holiday club

DH is just seeing the ££££ but I'm really nervous about the impact on the children.
I feel like I am going to turn it down but I'm worried I will regret it. Please someone talk some sense into me.


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Weffiepops Sun 05-Jan-20 23:20:30

They've been very flexible for you, I would take it. I work full time with 2 kids and we manage

KellyHall Sun 05-Jan-20 23:27:00

It sounds great.

I loved my holiday club when I was little. There were all sorts of things to do there that broadened my horizons and gave me new hobbies that have endured the past 25 years! And I liked meeting different people too.

I now have a career and a child and she'll definitely be going to some holiday clubs when she goes to school.

ElluesPichulobu Mon 06-Jan-20 04:34:17

that sounds like a brilliant opportunity. go for it!

there is nothing to feel guilty about regarding holiday clubs - they can be stimulating and enriching beyond what you could manage solo. depending where you are there may be some really cool options.

school holidays are 13 weeks a year. assuming the whole family is off together for a week at christmas and 2 weeks in the summer, then you use 2 weeks of your annual leave to cover a couple of half term weeks, or one half term and one week of summer hols, and likewise dh uses 2 of his weeks of annual leave to cover 2 weeks while you are at work, that is 7 of the 13 weeks covered with either one or two parents, leaving only 5 for holiday club activities.

options local to me for those 5 weeks would include:

intensive theatre club week (with performance on the Friday)
gymnastics week
science week
code club (scratch computer programming)
outward bound courses (tracking/orienteering, firebuilding & archery)
canoeing/sailboarding and other watersports

- you will probably find a similar selection within a realistic commute near you - your employers sound flexible enough that you could be allowed a little flexibility in your office hours during those 5 weeks if needed (the more exciting options often run 10am to 4pm rather than school hours 9am to 3pm, though you can usually add a wraparound care option for a modest extra fee)

there are of course also the 'ordinary' holiday clubs - you can alternate sending them to those (cheaper and more restful for them) and to something more adventurous and enriching.

ploughingthrough Mon 06-Jan-20 04:41:33

Sounds brilliant I can't imagine why you wouldn't take this. School hours and a day from home and taking home an extra 1.8k. I would take that with bells on and appreciate the extra money and still being able to pick up your kids.

madroid Mon 06-Jan-20 04:58:25

You will adjust to it as a family. It sounds like its a really good offer and I think you will regret it if you don't take it.

twinnywinny14 Mon 06-Jan-20 05:06:03

During holidays you will be finished working at 2:30 and still have the rest of the day to do things together and it’ll only be 4days a week so I would go for it

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