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Are speculative job applications worthwhile??

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dimmu Thu 02-Jan-20 19:15:10

A couple of years ago I saw a job ad that was a perfect match to my skills and experience, but I couldn't apply for it at the time (was on maternity leave). I have been checking the company website ever since, but similar roles haven't come up.
Would it be worthwhile sending a speculative application to them to see if they might be interested, or would this ruin my chances further down the line if they advertised for a similar role again?

Also, at the time I sent an invitation to connect to the person recruiting (head of the department) on LinkedIn with a message saying I am not applying now but might be interested in the future. They accepted me as a contact but didn't reply anything. Would it be worth messaging them again, or just contacting the HR department?

I work in a very niche field so really can't afford to mess this up as there aren't many employers in this field.

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dimmu Sat 04-Jan-20 08:28:11


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OneFootintheRave Sat 04-Jan-20 12:30:29

I don't see why not! If I had necessary skills and experience. I would send in a (tailored) CV and covering letter to the HR dept and to the LinkedIn contact. Then I would try to follow up by phone. Why the hell not? This is an intelligent and completely appropriate strategy.

Good luck.

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