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Candle business names

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Lyndsay131187 Thu 26-Dec-19 18:37:43

I’m looking to start my own candle business.
Will be simple and classic candles. No colours just scented. Will be nicely presented in gift boxes with ribbons with a
Simple label so they can go with any colour scheme. It will be soy wax with
Wooden wick and a few classic scents to start before branching out into new ones.
Really struggling with a name.
So far I have glow
Classic candles
The classy candle

Any other suggestions or names you like?
My name is Lyndsay but didn’t want to use my name.... I don’t think.

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JontyDoggle37 Thu 26-Dec-19 18:39:56

You need to search on the trademarks register and companies house first to understand what other names exist and what might be available, from an IP protection point of view.

Saucery Thu 26-Dec-19 18:41:58

A place near you? Nearest mountain/hill/lake?

Rollerbird Thu 26-Dec-19 18:42:25

The best name is

JesusMaryAndJosepheen Thu 26-Dec-19 18:42:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lemonysherbet Thu 26-Dec-19 18:43:31

Probably a load of rubbish so feel free to ignore:

The first flame
Light and love
Radiant light
The candle company

I'm not so keen on the classy candle

avocadoze Thu 26-Dec-19 18:43:38

I’d go for something which doesn’t mention candles such as “Wren and Woodwick” sort of thing.

Ikeameatballs Thu 26-Dec-19 18:44:01

I think glow is good. Not sure about the others.

granadagirl Thu 26-Dec-19 18:46:30

I like flicker
Can’t use woodwick it belongs to Yankee candles

Saucery Thu 26-Dec-19 18:47:01

LynGlow? GlowLyn?

Ikeameatballs Thu 26-Dec-19 18:49:41






PrincessHoneysuckle Thu 26-Dec-19 18:50:38

Scents and Sensibility
Heaven Scent

Triglesoffy Thu 26-Dec-19 18:52:02

Think about what you would google to get your company and then call it that.


FuzzyPenguin Thu 26-Dec-19 18:52:29

Simply Soy
Nature’s light
Nature’s glow
Guiding light

BigusBumus Thu 26-Dec-19 18:54:54

Anything using the word Classy immediately has the opposite connotations.

The Candle Boutique

MikeUniformMike Thu 26-Dec-19 18:57:23

Use the vegan angle if they are.

Grinchly Thu 26-Dec-19 18:57:55

Simply Candles
Wick-ed grin
Heavenly Scent
Light up your life

MikeUniformMike Thu 26-Dec-19 18:58:30

Klassy Kandels

puds11 Thu 26-Dec-19 18:59:57

Wax Lyrical

Creas35 Thu 26-Dec-19 19:00:00

I vote for Flicker as above

Seeline Thu 26-Dec-19 19:09:59

Wax lyrical was the name of a chain of candle shops back in the 80s/90s. They went bust.

stophuggingme Thu 26-Dec-19 19:10:31

Or Sulaa which I believe is Finnish for melt

Majorcollywobble Thu 26-Dec-19 19:12:10

Waxworks ?

Lyndsay131187 Thu 26-Dec-19 19:13:45

Thanks everyone.
Flicker and glow are both taken but flicker candles and glow candles are not.

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Lobsterquadrille2 Thu 26-Dec-19 19:17:21

Wax and Wane
Claim to Flame
Four Candles

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