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Changes at work making me anxious

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Ariagrandiosa Wed 18-Dec-19 04:21:31

I generally like my job but the changes in who is doing what every couple of months are making me very anxious i feel as soon as i'm in a routine and getting the hang of my role i am asked to change again.

It is the same overall role but there are different ways and rules/proceedures for each one.

I am struggling with shifting gears between each role and feel so incompitent next to generally less experienced colleagues who have not had to change roles.

I feel like jack of all trades master of none.

There is high staff turnover and low staff morale which is also bringing me down.

I've not been there a year yet and already feel down about going to work. But the perks are a relatively short commute and i really like my colleagues (who seem to be slowly but surely leaving).

Do you think my feelings are normal in the circumstances or is that my anxiety talking? How can I cope better with the changes as it is company policy to move you around as needed? Is it unreasonable to expect routine (i like knowing what my role exactly is, having it clearly defined and sticking to it)?

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BillHadersNewWife Wed 18-Dec-19 04:52:29

I don't like change either so can relate. But a lot of it depends on how it's introduced and managed. In one job, we were doing one thing one way for a long time and then without warning, the bosses just dumped us in a completely new job...I left within a week. I'd look for something else if I were you.

Can I ask what field you work in?

HouseworkAvoider10 Wed 18-Dec-19 07:47:47

Sounds ridiculous - what job is this?
No wonder everyone is bailing.

Isleepinahedgefund Wed 18-Dec-19 08:52:28

Having worked in similar offices, I can sympathise.

There's two issues:

1. How they manage change (sounds like they don't) - this can greatly affect your experience of it. Are you consulted, warned ahead of time or are the changes foisted upon you at short notice? Even the most robust people can struggle in that environment.

If they deal with change badly it's a cultural things and to be honest the best thing to do is get out of there. Now you know why the staff turnover is so high!

Also if such a "flexible" role simply doesn't suit you, live and learn - it's a valuable lesson to you. Next time you'll know not to pick a similar job.

2. Your own resilience. You can work on this to shore yourself up a bit, but to be honest that's not going to solve the issue on its own if your organisation deals with change badly.

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