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HSBC are closing my business account

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Jude108 Fri 06-Dec-19 12:00:37

I'm so glad I found the posts about this going back to 2017!!! It has just happened to me in 2019!!! Same reasons I didn't answer a safeguard question right even though we have had the account for 20 years. So now that it is 2019 have any of you gone elsewhere and been happier?

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Hoppinggreen Fri 06-Dec-19 21:15:29

I did.
My big fear was that another bank wouldn’t want my account if HSBC were closing it. On the advice of my accountant I went to Yorkshire Bank (not an option for everyone I know) and they sorted everything out very quickly and easily.
A couple of months later I actually got a call from HSBC to tell me that I was slightly over drawn as I hadn’t paid any money in for a while but there had been bank charges - the bastards hadn’t closed the account after all.

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