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MrsDarcy4092 Sun 01-Dec-19 10:03:38

Good morning,

I have a big interview next week. I’ve not interviewed for 2 years and it’s a promotion but also into a different team. I Think it’s a job which will be very helpful for career progression in general but it also looks interesting and I really want it.

I’m spending the day doing interview prep today. I’m going to look at the STAR model. And learn all the necessary things for the job. I have the job description so going to go through it in detail.

I’m going to wear a red and black animal print knee length dress and black suit jacket.

I just wondered if anyone had any tips as I would really welcome them!

Thank you

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maxelly Mon 02-Dec-19 14:56:34

My standard interview prep goes (in order of priority if you have limited time):

-Go through job description/person specification/advert and make a list of the 'competencies'/skills/areas of knowledge and experience they are most likely to ask you about. Think of a good example of where you have demonstrated each of them (ideally at work but bring in examples from other areas if you have good transferable skills) and practice describing it using the STAR(R) model. This is useful even for questions which they might frame as more of a scenario e.g. 'tell us what you would do with a difficult customer' as you can still use your example to back up when/how you have done this in the past rather than answering purely hypothetically. Try to have lots of different examples rather than using the same one over and over.

-Practice answers to the 'standard' interview questions of why you want the job, your personal qualities, proudest achievement, strengths/weaknesses, what you would bring to the company, why you left your last job etc. Make sure you structure your answers here too, make a maximum of 3 points per answer and sum up at the end, try not to waffle or drift off into irrelevancies/forget the question...

-Do your research about the company and their department/team (you should have an advantage here as an internal candidate), prepare for any questions they may ask about issues specific to their work or industry, try and relate your answers in why you want the job and your strengths to what you have learnt about them and what they are looking for. Read up on a couple of news stories, recent research/academic articles or current affairs issues relevant to the company and/or your profession so you have something to mention if they ask.

-Think of some intelligent/insightful questions to ask them in the 'do you have any questions for us' section (again things which show you understand the company/industry, its particular strengths/challenges and ethos are impressive here rather than simply asking 'what's the salary' or 'what are the hours' or whatever, of course you need to know that but that can come further down the line once you've been offered the job).

-Stalk the panel on linked in or your internal intranet (if you've been told their names), see if they have any special areas of interest and learn a bit about those in case you can drop it in in a non obtrusive way!

-Practice introducing yourself and making light chit chat with your interviewer on the way to/from reception and the interview room (even if you end up being shown up by a receptionist rather than one of the panel I find it helps put me more at ease if I have something to say rather than stuck in the lift in awkward silence, I'm also then 'warmed up' and have used my voice a bit by the time the interview actually starts). Make sure you remember to smile, make good eye contact with the panel, have good posture and don't 'fiddle' while you talk, take a deep breath before you answer the question etc etc - practice this in advance if it helps.

Good luck!

MrsDarcy4092 Mon 02-Dec-19 22:19:42

Wow thank you so much! That’s so helpful

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ISawyouinTescoyesterday Mon 02-Dec-19 22:34:16

Hand shake, eye contact. Don't give away too much but enough to want them to interview you a second time. Or offer you the job.

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