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Weird office culture. You?

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PurBal Sat 30-Nov-19 10:36:07

There is a slightly weird, to me, culture in my office. No respect for personal space and I find people going through my drawers. I assume to find a pen, but when I'm sat there? I've also had people literally go through my in tray (including people not employed by my company but rather another company who has a vested interest). I do call people out when they're doing it but I'm still in probation and often the response is nonchalant like I'm making too big a deal out of it.

I am new and I've spoken to my line manager who is also new and she agrees with me that it's weird. We discussed investing in more secure storage and lockable drawers as I deal with sensitive information. My desk is set out almost like a reception desk so people can stand the other side of it. DH reckons personalising it will help mark it as my space so I'm looking at low decor so people don't use my desk to lean on. Due to the nature of my job (charity sector with members of the public coming in) I don't want to completely barricade my space off.

I try to keep everything secure but when I'm working on something it's obviously out. But as I need to secure my trays (fml) I can't use them as a barrier. Any suggestions on decor would be greatly appreciated.

This isn't an ideal solution and we're in the process of reviewing the situation. Just need something on a temporary basis. Any other suggestions would be great.

I'd love to hear about your office experiences smile

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Finfintytint Sat 30-Nov-19 10:44:14

Adequate lockable storage would be my priority if you deal with sensitive information.

WalkAwaySugarbear Sat 30-Nov-19 10:51:07

I love where I work, fairly laid back, small company. My boss is a sucker for a sob story though and we have all manner of randoms turning up to get overpaid for some work or hanging around the office as their business has gone tits up. It's just weird and uncomfortable.

Minta85 Sat 30-Nov-19 14:18:49

In my office we go into each other’s drawers to leave work in them, and this is considered fine. But we would never randomly go into another person’s drawers without good reason. You definitely need a lockable pedestal especially if you deal with confidential information. And people who are not even employed by your company shouldn’t be going through your drawers, as this compromises security. My organisation was recently audited on security by the regulator and is a key area that we must be compliant in.

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